Osborn Red Angus

About Osborn Red Angus

History of Osborn Red Angus

Hugh Osborn made a decision to purchase a Red Angus bull from Mr. Charlie Ash in 1985. The farm was comprised of only a few commercial cows at the time and Hugh had researched a number of breeds of cattle in order to decide which breed of bull to purchase. Hugh was convinced that the Red Angus breed had a lot to offer a commercial operation – calving ease, high maternal and reproductive characteristics, excellent growth, good carcass merits and more.

In 1987 Hugh and Daniel Osborn purchased their first registered Red Angus cow from Mr. Robert Newman of Fayettville, TN. A year later they returned and purchased 6 heifers from Mr. Newman and they officially joined the Red Angus Association and the farm became known as OOF Farm Red Angus. Within a couple more years OOF Farm had about 20 registered cows and purchases were being made from breeders such as Borman Red Angus, Peterson Red Angus, Sand Hills Red Angus, Cedar Hill Red Angus, Tennessee Valley Red Angus and others. The bulls used in the herd, in those early years, came from Borman Red Angus, Red Dimension, Leachman Cattle Company and Angel Red Angus.

After the purchase of additional acreage and small farm leases coming available, the herd was expanding and was soon up to around 70 females plus calves and bulls. About this same time, OOF Farm became a cooperator with Neo Sho Farm and began sending bulls to be tested and sold in the yearly sale held at Neo Sho Farm. We also purchased bulls and females from the sale to add to our herd. A few years later, we began selling everything private treaty from our farm again and, with the exception of consigning animals to the SERAA Grasstime Sale every spring, have been selling private treaty each year. Our customer base is comprised of commercial cattlemen who are using planned crossbreeding programs and seedstock breeders who value the genetics we produce in our herd.

Beginning in 2006, we began purchasing bulls and females primarily at the Andras Stock Farm bull and female sales and at the Ludvigson bull sale. We also began extensive AI breeding in the herd, using bulls from across the breed to enhance our herd and to offer the progeny for sale each year. The pedigrees in our herd read like a “Who’s Who” of the Red Angus breed: Andras, Ludvigson, Neo Sho, Leachman, Montvue, Beckton, Buffalo Creek, Milk Creek and many more.

In February of 2013, Hugh Osborn went to the presence of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. After reviewing the farm operations it was decided to make a name change since one of the “O’s” of OOF Farm was no longer a part of the daily operations. The decision was to rename the farm Osborn Red Angus and the name can be retained with any future generations that may become a part of the operation.


Osborn Red Angus - Toney, AL